Rodeo Bucking Bronco<br/>85 x 104" Diptych/Acrylic/Canvas
Bunker Hill 1775, the Birth of a Nation<br/>The United States of America 1776 <br/>85 x 150" Diptych/Acrylic/Canvas
The Battle of the Big Horn<br/>80 x 150" Triptych/Acrylic/Canvas
Tobacco Road in honour of Erskine Caldwell<br/> 75 x 104" Diptych/Acrylic/Canvas
A View From the Bridge in honour of Arthur Miller <br/>75 x 156" Triptych/Acrylic/Canvas
To Kill a Mockingbird<br/> "A mob is always made up of people, no matter what."<br/> in honour of Haper Lee <br/>64 x 104" Diptych/Acrylic/Canvas
A Long Day's Journey into Night in honour of Eugene O'Neill<br/>75 x 104"Diptych/Acrylic/Canvas
A Requiem for Willie Loman who never understood the American Dream<br/>in honour of Arthur Miller<br/>65 x 104" Diptych/Acrylic/Canvas
Ubermensche, the hegemony of white men in America<br/>85 x 150" Triptych/Acrylic/Canvas
9-11-NINE-ELEVEN-Towers of Despair<br/>150 x 85" Triptych/Acrylic/Canvas
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