Who Killed Jean-Michel?<br>65 x 92"<br>1992<br>Ft. Lauderdale Museum Collection<br>
Purple Heart<br>96 x 86"<br>Bas-relief on Canvas, 1994
The Night Bathers II<br>86 x 96"<br>Bas-relief on Canvas, 1994
Long Distance Runner's Dream<br>68 x 69"<br>Bas-relief on Canvas, 1992
Playing with the Moon (Playground I)<br>50 x 86"<br>Bas-relief on Canvas (Sold)
Hero<br>120 x 109.5"<br>Bas-relief on Canvas, 1997
La joie de vivre (Playground I)<br>50 x 86"<br>Bas-relief on Canvas, 1992
O Semeador II (The Sower II)<br>96 x 86"<br>Bas-relief on Canvas, 1995
La Passionaria92 x 84"Bas-relief on Canvas, 1993&lt;br&gt;Ft. Lauderdale Museum Collection
Figure in Landscape I<br>18 x 17"<br>Bas-relief on Wood, 1993
Discobolus<br>96 x 86"<br>Bas-relief on Canvas, 1993
Fisherman's Woman<br>47 x 47"<br>Bas-relief on Canvas, 1997
Magic<br>48 x 42"<br>Bas-relief on Canvas, 1997
Pocahonta's Dilemma<br>68 x 72"<br>Bas-relief on Canvas, 1993
The Hunt<br>49" x 86"<br>Bas-Relief on Canvas, 1992
Woman With an Attitude<br>Bas-relief on Canvas, 1998
Sun Games<br>30 x 22"<br>Bas-relief on Paper, 1993
Serenade<br>52 x 48"<br>Bas-relief on Canvas, 1994
Sunset<br>42 x 32"<br>Bas-relief on Canvas, 1993
Discobulus<br>96 x 86<br>Bas-relief on Canvas
Wind<br>60 x 42"<br>Bas-relief on Canvas, 1998
Sun Games<br>96 x 86"<br>Bas-relief on Canvas, 1995
Catch That Flying Man<br>48 x 42"<br>Bas-relief on Canvas, 1998
The Wall<br>36 x 24"<br>Bas-relief on Canvas, 1995
To an Unknown God<br>50 x 40"<br>Bas-relief on Canvas, 1993
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