Key Largo In Search of Boggie and Bacall<br>48 x 52"<br>Acrylic on Canvas, 2010
Coney Island<br>Acrylic on Canvas
Modern Dancer II<br>58 x 40"<br>Acrylic on Canvas
Waterfall<br>44 x 44"<br>Acrylic on Canvas
Birds of a Feather<br>32 x 64"<br>Acrylic on Canvas
Galilee<br>26 x 22"<br>Acrylic on Paper
Modern Dancer<br>Acrylic on Canvas
Duck Hunting in Canada<br>36 x 36"<br>Acrylic on Canvas
Modern Dancer II<br> Acrylic on Canvas
La paloma negra de mi penar<br>45 1/4 x 36 Acrylic on Canvas
Spring (Primavera)<br>27 x 34.5"<br>Acrylic on Canvas
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